Friends of GDA
Friends of GDA - How to Join and the Benefits

Giving fundraising support to Gloucestershire Deaf Association through donations, your time, or both

Friends of GDAIf you, or someone close to you, suffers from hearing loss, you will understand the devastating effect it can have on your self esteem and also on relationships.

Who are Friends of GDA

Friends of GDA provides an opportunity for you to give active support to Gloucestershire Deaf Association, either through volunteering, fundraising or regular donations, or all of these. It's a great way of being closely involved in our charity without the extra responsibility that comes with being a trustee.

Being a volunteer for Friends of GDA is different from becoming one of our regular volunteers. As a Friend of GDA, any volunteering time you are able to give is specifically geared to helping raise money for our charity.  

What Friends of GDA do

  • Help raise money for GDA. This can be through directly donating money yourself (e.g. your Friends of GDA subscription), or playing a part at our fundraising events. 
  • Help build support for GDA by spreading the word about our charity and encouraging others to get involved. 

What GDA gives you in return

  • A chance to meet and mix with people who, like you, care about deafness and its impact on people's lives.
  • Quarterly newsletter straight to your door
  • Personal invitation to exclusive Friends of GDA events
  • Early booking to GDA's popular fundraising events
  • Free re-tubing and cleaning of your hearing aids  

Cost of membership

Gloucestershire Deaf Association keeps membership of Friends of GDA low to enable as many people as possible to join.

Single One year £10.00
Single Life Life membership £55.00
Discount (if you are on benefits) One year £5.00
Family One year £15.00
Corporate One year £75.00
HOH Club (up to 25 members) One year £50.00

To find out more about Friends of GDA membership and to sign up, contact the GDA office:
Tel: 01452 372999
Text: 07875 610860